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Influenza A+B Antigen Rapid Test Device

Nasopharyngeal swab sample
Insert a sterilized swab into a nasal cavity securely from a nostril and collect
mucoepidermis wiping turbinate several times.
Pharyngeal swab sample
Insert a sterilized swab into pharynx and collect mucoepidermis mainly wiping flare region
of post-pharyngeal wall and palatine tonsil several times, and be careful not to make saliva
attach to the swab.
Nasopharyngeal aspirate
Connect an aspiration catheter to an aspiration trap that is attached to an aspiration device,
insert the catheter to nasal cavity from a nostril, start the aspiration device and then collect
nasal aspirate sample. Dip a sterilized swab into the collected nasal aspirate sample and
make the specimen cling to the swab.
Influenza (commonly known as flu) is a highly contagious, acute viral infection of the
respiratory tract .It is a communicable disease easily transmitted through the coughing and
sneezing of aerosolized droplets containing live virus.1 Influenza outbreaks occur each year
during the fall and winter months. Type A viruses are typically more prevalent than type B
viruses and are associated with most serious influenza epidemics, while type B infections are
usually milder. The gold standard of laboratory diagnosis is 14-day cell culture with one of a
variety of cell lines that can support the growth of influenza virus.2 Cell culture has limited
clinical utility, as results are obtained too late in the clinical course for effective patient
intervention. Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) is a newer method
that is generally more sensitive than culture with improved detection rates over culture of 2-
23%.3 However, RT-PCR is expensive, complex and must be performed in specialized
The Influenza A+B Rapid Test Device (Swab/Nasal Aspirate) qualitatively detects the
presence of Influenza A and/or Influenza B antigen in nasal swab or throat swab or nasal
aspirate specimens ,providing results within 15 minutes. The test uses antibodies specific for
Influenza A and Influenza B to selectively detect Influenza A and Influenza B antigen in nasal
swab, throat swab or nasal aspirate specimens.

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